Whatever children learn between the age of 3 and 5 is permanently imprinted on their mind and character. This is the period when hundreds of billions of neuronic wiring take place in the brain. This time is the most important stage of life. Hence, we must be very careful as to what we are exposing to them at this tender age.

Shishu Sanskar is a niche created in the field of pre-schooling that innovatively integrates the best of Gurukul values with the latest pre-school knowledge system. It is a scientifically verified model that empowers parents and teachers to work together to give the best suited education for children.

Why Shishu Sanskar

The key reason why Bharat could not achieve desired heights in education is the neglect of pre-schooling. Nearly all brands exist on a 100-year old model. Our geographical and cultural needs demand an indigenous approach in order to address the drawbacks of prevailing pre-schooling systems.


We are one among the rarest in the world that have come up with a pedagogy in pre-schooling. When we say pedagogy, we mean a model that addresses the idea of education for children of the age-group 3 to 5. We leverage best the strength of the kids of this age group.

Open a School

Our initiatives have given immense pleasure to parents as they find their tender ones learning the best things in the world. At the same time, they find them competitively higher than children of other


Unlike other Franchise services, we operate on an open architecture allowing maximum benefit and minimum binding to our partners. Our value driven holistic approach carries enough USPs to achieve success for them.


It is noteworthy that since hundred years, pre-school curriculum have not taken any corrective action in our country. Generation after Generation, we have not moved ahead from A for Apple and Humpty Dumpty rhymes.


Events and culture at our schools are captured in this section. Also see testimonials on home page, to find who are our partners and mentors.

Principal, Ramakrishna Mission School, Gwalior, MP
Principal, Aryavarta School, Pashan, Pune, Maharashtra
Principal, Cambridge School, Dabra, Madhya Pradesh
Principal, Shishu Sanskar, Ravet, Pune, Maharashtra
Principal, ISIL, Murtijapur, Akola, Maharashtra
Principal, Water World, Kondhwa Dhawde, Pune, Maharashtra
Director of KSD Shanbagh school Satara
Directors – Victory English Medium School, Fursungi, Pune
Director, GyanVardhini Gurukul English School, Udgir, Latur, Maharashtra
Director, Prayag Edukidz School, Manjri, Solapur Rd., Pune, Maharashtra